Pearl Jam is back with a big bang

Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners

Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners cover art.

It’s been about four years since we last heard something new from Pearl Jam. That’s too long for a band of such prodigious talent. But let me say for the record, if the single from its upcoming album, Lighning Bolt, is anything to go by, the wait has been well and truly worth it.

That single, Mind Your Manners, leaps into your ears like possessed soul, and shakes you to your core. Try it out for yourself here.

If you’re a long-time fan of these grunge godfathers, you’ll be very happy to hear this track. It’s right back to their roots, full of fearsome energy and fire, and that deathly, angry growl in Eddie Vedder‘s vocals has returned, and how we’ve missed it.

It would be remiss of me not to comment on the drums, played since 1998, of course, by Matt Cameron. He really seems to have tipped the hat to the band’s first sticksman Dave Krusen on this track, which is a beautiful thing. It all sounds fantastic. Krusen’s work on Ten all those years ago is something that to this day I still marvel at. To hear the ghost of his playing on this new track is very, very awesome.

Lightning Bolt has a release date of 15 October this year, and is the band’s 10th long player. I don’t think I can wait that long, but I guess I’ll just have to. The excitement and anticipation might make it hard to sleep, though.

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