Video Released Of Police Officer Shooting Van Filled With Kids

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Title :  Video Released Of Police Officer Shooting Van Filled With Kids
Duration :   18.24
Upload by :  djvlad
Published :   29 Jan 2015
Viewer :   551.529
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http://www.vladtv.com -Footage from the 2013 infamous case involving a police officer shooting towards a van full of children in New Mexico has been released to the public in full.
The incident happened in October 2013 when Oriana Ferrell, a mother of five was traveling in Taos, New Mexico. Ferrell was pulled over by a state trooper for allegedly driving 71 mph in a 55 mph zone. Footage from the police dash camera above shows Ferrell telling the officer she wasn't speeding and wouldn't be able to take the ticket since she was visiting from Tennessee.
After the police goes to request backup, Ferrell drives off leading into a pursuit. Ferrell says she thought the two were done since he was heading back to her car and he gave her back her license. After pulling over a second time, the officer tries to pull the mother out of the car. Her teenage son Zeek intervenes and is nearly shot when he approached the officer.
"I got out of the car because he had his hands on her and that wasn't really OK with me," the 14-year-old told reporters.
Backup arrives as the children are screaming in horror over the incident. Ferrell climbs in the back of the car as the responding officers use batons to open the can doors. Ferrell takes off for the second time and the officers shoot at the van. Ferrell drives to her Taos hotel. With police surrounding the car, the children hop out of the car one by one and surrender as the mother is arrested by the officers. The children were reported to be within the ages of 6 to 18.
As the Ferrell is still dealing with the open case, Elias Montoya was fired for shooting at the vehicle. Montoya attempted to appeal the termination in September 2014, calling it an unlawful termination.
Ferrell says her and her children are still traumatized by the incident. "I was just feeling more and more unsafe," she said during an interview with Good Morning America. "I started thinking about children who have been shot -- families who have been shot. I started thinking about Trayvon Martin."
She also slammed the Montoya for potentially harming her children.
"Even if I was speeding that does not require being shot at, at any point," she said. "Even if he thought I drove off that didn't deserve us being shot at."

The first chase begins at the 4:34 followed by the second encounter at 7:20 and the shooting at 12:34 marks


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